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Screenshot of DatePlanet home page See Date Planet

This is a space to make connections by finding commonality through planning and posting dates or responding to dates created by other users. Rather than a user's first interaction being with another user's profile pictures and a biography the purpose of this application is to encourage users to plan(et) and be open to new experiences with potential suitors in their orbit.

Screenshot of PanIt home page See Pan It

The beauty industry is constantly churning out new and exciting products which has created a trend towards buying more product than can be feasibly used before it expires. This is an app focused on providing users with a way to track their own makeup collections, remind them about upcoming expirations in their collection and provide inspiration for the products they already own.

Screenshot of Fenty Beauty API Fenty Beauty API Blog

An example of a brand public API to accompany my blog post on why brands should create their own public APIs.

ALT ATLA ALT-ATLA Tweet Generator

A fun Avatar: The Last Airbender tweet generator that utilizes the Twitter API, React and Ruby on Rails.